Igor, Saykoji

"Doing the extra mile. Kata kata tersebut yang pertama kali terlintas pada saat pengalaman pertama kali sewa kamera di ozu rental. Sewa nya hanya lensa 50 & body 5d mkii, tapi yang dipinjamkan tidak hanya itu. Disiapkan lengkap mulai dari tas kamera, charger, batre extra termasuk memory card dan back up nya. Amat sangat excellent. It's been an awesome experience untuk rental di zenon, they have all that we need and more!" (Igor Saykoji, Artist & Musician)


Ippe & Andien

Great Equipment, Superb! Ippe, Professional Photographer, Paska konser tunggal "Metaforfosa Andien 15 Years", di JCC Senayan Jakarta (Ippe, Andien Husband, Entrepreneur & Photographer)


Alanda Kariza

Not a professional photographer, so I don’t have a lot of audiovisual gears — but once in awhile I still would like to capture life moments properly! Being a member of @ozurental comes in handy as I am able to rent different camera accessories daily at an affordable price. They also have other things, from microphones to various cameras. Their service is really great too (and they are open 24/7) (Alanda Kariza, Writer & Social Entrepreneur)


Guillaume Querre

The service was quiet good. The prices really interesting and the items are in good shape. Ozu team was really kind with me. I will for sure recommend it. (Guillaume Querre, Movie Maker)

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